Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blue Mountain resort (Summer)

Blue Mountain resort in Summer is really a great place to be. It is absolutely beautiful.

In winter these hills will be completely covered in white snow. 

 The resort was having a cross country race.

 The trail goes all the way up the hill, at some parts quite steep but still easily walkable.

 Summer only activity: rock climbing. Slightly overpriced but still fun for the kids.
 Tree top adventure. Looks pretty interesting.
 Roller coaster. I hate roller coasters. The kids liked it very much.
 The view gets better and better as we hiked higher and higher the hill.

 On our way down we took the cable car, for free.

 The pond at the resort is a beautiful place to be.

 The swimming pool. Beautiful but we couldn't make time to go there.

 Shopping area.
 Paddle boats.

Summer visit was much better than the winter one for us. At least we were able to do some activities. It was fun overall.

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Abdullah Mohibuddin said...

We must appreciate Shuja's writing for this wonderful blogg & with beautiful pictures.

It will attract many people to visit Blue Mountain.