Friday, August 23, 2013

My backyard garden - Summer 2013

 My Lily pond is now hosting a whole herd of frogs

The comet goldfishes are happily living there. I had put 12, 1 died, and now there are 13. Are they making babies? I haven't seen any. Or is it my math?

Nectar tree - got in 2013. Over dozen fruits growing. No birds yet.

Pear tree - got in 2013. Couple of dozen fruits growing. 

Small oranges - indoor plant. Enjoying the summer outdoor. Very sour fruits. Only a few can tolerate.

My banana plants at the far corner; two different types; still one more month of growing time - hopefully. Nightly temperature is already dropping low sometimes. 

My vegetable garden - long squash, kerala, beans, tomatoes,   malabar spinach, green chili and more

 My favorite grass - Japanese blood grass
 Another of my favorite grasses - miscanthus variegatus. Growing bigger every year.

Some more banana plants on the other side of my garden. I had overwintered them indoor and planted them outdoor in spring.


Melva Ullman said...

You have a beautiful garden, Shuja. It’s not very big, but there's a lot in it. I think you can add some shrubs or hedges on your house’s fa├žade so that you can have some kind of natural divider on your front yard. What do you think?


Melva Ullman said...
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