Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Spring Garden - End of May

Backyard - Musa Zebrina Banana plant and various elephant ears
(Pardon the time stamp. Had to change the camera battery which reset the time.
Forgot to set it back to present time. )
Lily pond

My helper

Farheen's little sand box

Just planted
Too many plants, too little yard

My own orange tree

14 feet trampoline - kids love it


Little trip into the nature

Ornamental grass

Behind the Lily pond

Blue berry bushes

Lily pond

Crab apple tree

Blue berries are on the way

several types of Banana plants

Several types of Elephant ears

Lily's are just growing. Flowers in June.

Farheen, posing for a snapshot

Iris Poppy

Self Portrait

Pretending, in the request of Farheen

One of three goldfish in the Lily pond

Sweet peas

Deshi long squash

Cleaned up, back to garden

Black berry flowering

Front yard - ornamental grasses
Japanese blood grass

My favorite ornamental grass

Another set of Musa Zebrina banana plant
Another ornamental grass

My model

Daylily's are about to flower

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Zafor said...

Kichu chobi 2004-er...and kichu chobi 2012-er....8 yrs-er project naki?

Anonymous said...

Can I hire you for my garden? How much your labor cost?

Zaman said...

Truly admirable. It requires lots of effort, not everyone realizes that. Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

Shuja, Some of the corners are professional grade work. I feel like reading some Gardening Magazine/Kazmi

Kamran said...

Wow, what a nice looking garden, surely involves lot of hard work – also your model, helper, looks very enthusiastic about gardening!! Shall return often if any update available …

Happy blogging and gardening!

garden sheds said...

Wow! Thanks a lot for the share. Your garden is really lovely. I love the pond!