Thursday, February 16, 2012

Journey to the Kingdom of Florida - Part 7

Among other theme parks in Disney World we enjoyed Epcot the most. The kids seemed to enjoy the rides there though for most of the good ones the wait time were too long in some cases as much as 2 hours or more. I am always scared of any rides that have moving parts, simply afraid of the possibility where something could go wrong and the long wait time was a relief for me as I used this as an excuse to skip some of the serious rides. The only one that I went for was the rocket launch simulation. We were taken into a realistic looking cockpit of a rocket and had to go through the experience of a virtual launch process. It was definitely a great experience and seemed quite real. However, as far as I was concerned nothing really moved in reality, so no worries. Just to give you an idea why this ride can be slightly scary for some people - the rocket accelerates at a very fast pace and can cause serious nausea and even heart attack. To my relief I did just fine through the process but Mili started to feel very nauseous after the experience and had to be rested for several hours. She ended up spending hours lying down on a park bench while we went on to check out some other displays.

We stayed in Epcot pretty late and enjoyed a marvelous fire work show.

The theme park named Hollywood Studios was another good park to visit specially for young kids. The two events we really loved there were – Indiana Jones show and a car stunt show. Both were memorable shows. We also enjoyed some of the 3D-4D shows. The kids were quite occupied though they complained about the lack of rides. The whiners.

Indiana Jones show:

Car stunt show:

Our friends who were visiting Florida with us left on the fifth day. Our plan was to visit the Animal kingdom in the morning and drive to Miami in the afternoon. Considering Miami was only a few hours drive this seemed quite doable. Unfortunately it was a cooler day with a drizzle. I had earlier checked that weather in Miami was slightly warmer as it was further south. All of us were happy to move out of the sudden cold patch in Orlando. Among several things the safari in Animal kingdom was very good. It did give a solid experience of being in an African safari. Not to be missed.

The African Safari:

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