Monday, January 30, 2012

Journey to the Kingdom of Florida - part 6

The experience of visiting the Disney Land can only be truly described with pictures. The kids were very excited to go to the Magic Kingdom. The trip to Magic Kingdom was quite interesting as well. First we drove to the Disney Land parking lot. Next we had to take the tram to go to the next junction from where we could either take the train or the boat to reach Magic Kingdom – a short distance away. We decided for the boat on our way to and the train way back. There was a short wait time to board the large boat that carried several hundred passengers. The trip was short but quite dramatic. Especially the view of the famous castle in the Magic Kingdom was spectacular. Once inside we were greeted with a dense crowd which over the next several hours grew and grew to a point where one could barely walk through. Eventually the facility was declared full and no new visitors were being brought in. It is a great site for the little ones but may not be as good for the preteens and older kids. My son was a bit bored here. The rides he wanted to go were so crowded that we didn’t even try. For some very simple rides wait was more than hours. The open air show at the castle was great and very enjoyable.

One of the best times the kid had in Florida was probably when we visited Sea World’s Aquatica. It was a relatively warmer day (I had changed my schedule according to the weather forecast the night before) and the water facility was excellent. There were things to keep kids of all ages occupied. While Far enjoyed the medium sized water slides and other several water gazettes in the large water play area, Zak was more interested in the very tall rides. Unfortunately I am truly scared of heights and Mili did not dare to go alone with Zak in some of the really high rides. However she did agree to go to the water slide that from the ground looked like up in the sky. Mother and son followed the line of patrons (mostly kids) through the hundreds of stairs and minutes later came sliding down where I was waiting along with Far. I did notice a few little girls who had just gone through the slide smirking at me but I remained undeterred. My heart meant much more to me then some stupid ego. Mili and Zak both seemed to be quite moved by the rush of the sliding down from such a height. They both enjoyed it the most but did not want to return. Zak mentioned ‘from the top it felt like they were going to die’. It was brave on his part. The mother son duo went through another ride little later – something with less height but more speed.
In Aquatica I enjoyed the wave pool very much. So did the kids. The waves were scheduled every 15 minutes. The sand was very soft and white. Nice place to have some descent, fear free fun.

Seaworld was simply great! The shows and the animals were out of the world. The only way to express it will be images.

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