Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Having good time – All by ourselves

Months passed by albeit slowly. We were unable to find an appropriate social circle in Sault. One of the major reasons was obviously our cultural differences. We love to get together, enjoy good food, play a few rounds of cards and talk about primarily Bangladeshi politics. We saw a handful of Indian looking people here and there but didn't have the opportunity to meet any families that we could mingle with. This is a rather complex thing to explain but usually happen spontaneously. We simply weren’t experiencing that connection. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the small city with vast country like look and feel. The roads were usually lightly crowded, malls less busy. We missed the usual social gatherings but started to get used to the usual benefits of the relatively smaller city life.
Summer had come and was rushing away faster than expected as the coolness was hinting of setting in. We tried to go around as much as we could, keeping little Zakeem in mind. Bellevue Park was one of our favorite destinations. Located right by the Saint Mary's river this park presented an unforgettable view of the river, international bridge and the water front establishments. A large population of geese and ducks were housed here during the summer time. Zakeem was very fond of them and his fearful attempts to get close enough to them for a pat on the back was pretty funny to watch. I like beaches, sea or lake, especially ones with shallow descent. So, we also visited the nearby beaches on Lake Superior whenever we found an opportunity. Among the two beaches that we used to go - Harmony beach in Batchawana bay and Points Des Chenes on Airport road - the later one had a better beach and an enclave like settings surrounded by woods.
In September or late August fishing frenzy gulps the town as the Salmon season starts. Not sure exactly what had motivated me but it could have been one of several things. I remember I enjoyed fishing as a little boy growing up in a remote village in Bangladesh where my grandparent's had their farm. That interest coupled with plethora of free time did create a clear opportunity for me to invest time and money into picking up the fishing hobby.

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