Monday, June 4, 2007

The Start

When we first moved to Toronto we didn't know what to expect. Mishaps with my GC application had left me very little choice but to migrate to Canada. We, my wife Mili, one and half year old son Zakeem and I, made the trip to Canadian border at Kingston through heavy snow on a cold March day. Things went very well. No hiccups. Within half an hour we were legal immigrants to Canada. The only thing that went wrong was Zakeem's wicked winnie. Not sure why he wasn't wearing the trustful diaper but he ended up flooding the floor of the border post lobby.
We made our base in Scarborough. First with a little known friend's family for a few days, then to the rental apartment in the same complex. It was exceptionally tiny apartment located at the intersection of Eglinton and Victoria Park Avenue but it worked.
That was the beginning.
After nine years in USA - masters degree, co-op jobs and finally banging my head through contracts after contracts for a consulting company in the quest of the coveted green card, I became a full time Torontonian, if I may call myself so. Toronto, a city among Greater Toronto Area, very often bear the weight of GTA on its shoulder. As long as one is living in the vicinity of the well known city it just seem fine to claim one to be a part of the city.
Currently, living tens of kilometers away from the city, I simply refer myself to be a Torontonian. It just makes it simple. Now my story begins.


Anonymous said...

Great read, Shuja! Continue this! Speaking my mind, your English writings are much more reader-friendly that the Bangla ones. Have a nice time!

Nadeem said...

Simply amused. You know what, had that funny feelings in the tummy while saw all your works. It's something you always wanted to do. You never gave up and reached your destination. Keep going buddy, my thoughts will always follow you.

Your old friend from Perth.

Anonymous said...

Ar kothai?